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Dominate the online world; get ranked and boost your conversion rate with Magi Agency LLC's prime digital marketing services and technology platform.  




Magi Agency LLC has three areas of focus and or offerings:



1.  Local Business Search Digital Marketing


2.  Ecommerce Digital Marketing Solutions


3.  Real Estate and Mortgage companies Digital Marketing






Local Business Search Digital Marketing Solutions

  • Offering the only complete total search package that will get your local business ranked in search engines; creating more online visibility. 


MNM - 3 Pack SEO implementing "Near Me" features to get Top 3 ranking on search engines

SBO - Search Box Optimization 

LSA  - Google Local Search Ads



This is the only complete package your local business needs.  All done for you system that you only pay when you get results






Ecommerce Digital Marketing Solutions

  • Tiktok Shop Setup / Integration with Shopify (example: Setting up UPS Shipping) 
  • Email and SMS Marketing integration with shopify and Tiktok Shop
  • Email and SMS Marketing for abandon carts, follow up, build subscribers and retention
  • Provide Opitmization tools to drive traffic


 Magi Agency LLC can also consult and create shopify website, logo creation, add products, setup social media ads, email marketing automation, optimization, and management






Real Estate and Mortgage Companies Digital Marketing Solutions


Lead generation is important in the Real Estate and Mortgage business.


  • As a client you will have access to one portal to see all you your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube and Tiktok, even Snapchat)  as well as ad content and set your own ad budget to each social media all in one place.  
  • Each potential client will complete a lead form and schedule a meeting sent directly to your calendar.  
  • Email and SMS Marketing for follow up and retention


Magi Agency LLC can create your Social Media Account, set up your Social Media Advertising, provide CRM, Email Marketing and Automation. While providing you complete CRM and ad budget control.  Complete all in one Digital Marketing service for your Real Estate and or Mortgage business.



About Us


Hey! I am Randy Forrester owner of Magi Agency LLC; I will navigate you through each digital marketing product. Once you and I have selected the marketing products for your business requirements; my Magi Agency LLC team of over 50-digit designers; each specialize in varies products begin the process of designing and implementing your digital marketing.


Our team comprises of digital marketing experts residing in almost every single state and all across the globe.  I will be your point person in which you will have access to your own go-to dedicated contact.  Me!  I know all the ins and outs of your local or national market and will help you achieve your goals and grow your business in an efficient manner.


Each one of my digital designer have skill sets in SBO, SEO, Google Ads, uRank, uReview, LSA, uLinked, uSEM, Superbots, A.I., uBlast, uFB, uEqual


Don't wait around!  We need to discuss the newest product called SBO Search Box Optimization!  Dominate your market. Let's set a time today.

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We offer every single digital marketing and digital accessibility service to help businesses reach the heights they desire.


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What Our Clients Say

I am so glad I meet Randy from Magi Agency.  Having a relationship with Randy he was able to identify the pulse of my business.  Working with Randy increase my sells 10x!  I left my marketing to him; so that I can focus on other areas of my business.  

Bryan Hollar 


As a landscaper I am always out on site.  Working with Magi I now have the ability focus on what I enjoy doing; being outdoors.  Thank you Magi!

Ellis Pettite

Landscape Consultant

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