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Focus on selling and growing your business: our Magi Agency Team will do all the fulfillment and technical work for you.  At Magi Agency LLC we have knowledge and infurstructure to produce results and provide detail reports to keep you up to date on your results, reach and frequency.  We can't wait to show you!


On you call with Randy you will go over how you can implement these products for your business; with out all of the complicated setup and process.  This is 100% done for you.  During your initial consultation you will go over your business, goals and what sets you a part from the others.


From there we set you up with a plan and action steps.



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We are so good at what we do, we have no problem proving it!


Did you know that 75% of Google or Bing search use the auto complete?

We are now introducing a new way to generate business by capturing the traffic during the searching phase on Google, Bing and Youtube.  SBO (Search Box Optimization) Now you can have exclusive rights to the phase or keywords and it takes you directly to a full page of your business.  When your potential client begins to types your keyword you own your business will come up.  


For example if you own the keyword or phase Personal Injury Attorney Boston.  When your potential client starts to type in Personal Injury your business will be to one that comes up.  It auto completes to your business direct.  Auto completes takes all of the traffic.


SEO is about ranking you on the top of search results and SBO is about having you come up as an autocomplete while a search is being made, so you can "highjack" the user before they even reach the search results. 


SBO gives you more presence and exposure online, more spots on the first page of Google and Bing, more click-throughs to your website and, utlimately, more revenue.



Enjoy Massive Buyers 

Traffic from Google

We start with a keyword research and take into consideration any past SEO or Google Advertising results you had and your business goals.

We then recommend 10 search phrases to start with which includes long tail and high-volume terms, so you start ranking fast, benefit from initial SEO traffic while we work hard on your high-volume (harder to rank) phrases.

We do such a good job our clients stay with us for years – read case study

Pricing and FAQ

Do you also provide regular SEO services?

Yes. We accommodate what it is best for the client.

What is the cost of Pay Per Result SEO campaign?

Most Local SEO campaigns are $650-$950 per month you rank. If you do not rank you don’t pay.

What Is local SEO?

Local SEO means you get found for searches in your City. E.g. you’re an event organizer from Atlanta, GA. When people search in Atlanta for an EVENT ORGINZER you’ll rank on the first page. But if someone from New York is looking, they won’t see you on the first page..

Is SEO better than Paid Advertising?

It is complimentary. By doing both SEO and Paid advertising you’re increasing your overall reach and reducing your overcall cost per click. Which translated to reduced customer acquisition costs.

Do you do national SEO campaigns?

Yes, but not on a resault basis.

Have more questions? Don’t waste time, schedule a free consult with an expert today.

You choose the search terms together with your Marketing Expert we get working on your ranking your site. 

You pay an agreed sum when we rank your site on the 1st page of Google.

Our Pay Per Result SEO prices are usually lower than even regular SEO services that provide no guarantee.

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